Build A VC Grade SaaS Sales Plan In A Few Minutes And Start Testing your Sales, Funding, and Business Cost Scenarios

We built FinanceSheets so you’d love using it as much as you love using your personal finance apps at home. FinanceSheets comes with pre-built templates so you can set up your Sales Plan and Expense Budget quickly and start scenario analysis. Our Virtual CFO Add-on automates repetitive manual tasks and guides you through the set up process. Our SaaS scenario analysis tool lets you massage your numbers like a CFO Pro so you can pin down your optimal sales, funding, and business cost scenarios quickly. Our plans come with consultation with an expert SaaS CFO to ensure you have the support you need to make your Financial Plan upgrade project successful. Non-SaaS business model? We have you covered. The FinanceSheets best practices Expense Budget module works with any Sales Plan model. Upload your existing Sales Plan onto FinanceSheets or have our CFOs build you a custom one and you are good to go.

The only Sales Plan, Scenario Analysis & Cost Control App created for the G Suite

Keep your data secure behind Google’s sound security; instantly share budgets with key members of each department; text, email, and assign tasks to team members from within Google sheets to keep your team on track to hitting your numbers, all within Google Sheets.

Three levels of sensitivity analysis

With a few inputs you will get an overview of the key metrics that drive your business and which you can use to validate your Go-to-Market Strategy, Investment Thesis, Annual Operating Plan Exercise assumptions, and your Operating Plan drivers. 


Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

FinanceSheets is a custom app delivered under a statement of work with acceptance criteria.

*Our Apps are free. You will only pay for the CFO resources you use.

Our Clients

FinanceSheets was designed for savvy SaaS CEOs, CFOs, VP of Sales, & Managers who don’t want to throw money or time at recurring tasks.

Dan Schoenbaum CEO of Redbooth, Inc.

“Barry is a fantastic SaaS CFO with operations experience who can give a CEO an honest opinion on strategy, think out of the box, craft an exciting financial story, and manage major implementations on time and budget.”

Narges Bani Asadi, Founder/CEO Bina Technologies Acquired by Roche

Barry served as Bina’s consulting CFO in 2014 and 2015. Barry was very instrumental in the Due Diligence, as well as the Financial and Operational efforts that led to a very high return acquisition of our company by Roche diagnostics. His team love working for him.

Trevor Cornwell Founder and CEO, Appbackr Inc.

Barry is a rare find for a startup. He understands what is to be a start-up: a company with ambitions to grow and be great. He helped us every step of the way. He is a great partner and one I look forward to working with again in the future.

The Work Flow

FinanceSheets was built behind a team of life long SaaS consulting CFOs. It was designed to be intuitive so you can leverage your existing team members like your Accountant to avoid expensive FP&A hires.

Still Managing Your Business by Cash?

Companies that manage their business primarily by cash don’t have the right tools to put forward their best story for a successful exit or funding.

CFO Insights

Do you have the right sales and operating plan, metrics, and ROI analysis in place to approach your funding or exit with confidence? These CFO insights outline strategies you can use to manage your growth initiatives and financial targets.

Ready to Get Started?

Our plans start at $1,500 one time fee. Download your template, start using the Virtual CFO Add-on to build your financial plan, schedule your expert SaaS CFO consultation included in your plan and make your funding/operating plan upgrade an exciting and successful project for your company.