Our Story


FinanceSheets started after Barry, our founder and CEO, noticed that the CEOs and CFOs of many of his consulting clients given the right tool could build a Financial Plan without the need to hire expensive consultants or full-time hires by leveraging their existing team members like their Accountant. Barry quickly got together with his CFO and CTO friends and started the framework for FinanceSheets. They soon teamed up with a group of developers and created the FinanceSheets you see today.

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Our Mission

To offer CEOs, CFOs, and management teams actionable financial solutions that empower the company to make winning decisions for their business.

Barry Jahansetan
Founder and CEO

Barry is a 20-year veteran of the Silicon Valley growth stage startup community and a SaaS financial management expert. He has worked with over 50 SaaS companies. He combines strong financial, operational, analytical, accounting, systems, and funding skills to deliver winning results for companies. Barry typically joins teams when the CEO feels a need to boost business performance and create actionable financial clarity.

Barry understands both the challenges and the culture of startups and knows how to win over the minds of the team when for instance he identifies a gap in management policy like not paying enough attention to CAC, churn, or segmentation.

Barry is known as an out-of-the-box thinker, “a CEO’s best friend”, and is often a catalyst that brings about change in a company’s strategy when the current one is not working.