Sales Planning and Budgeting Made Easy

FinanceSheets is built on best practices templates supplemented by code that automates manual repetitive tasks and guides the user through the app. This allows you to quickly set up a SaaS sales plan and start performing scenario analysis to answer strategic and financial questions. You will be ready to talk to an investor or frame you annual operating plan exercise for your management team.


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FinanceSheets is a custom app delivered under a statement of work with acceptance criteria.

*Our Apps are free. You only pay for the CFO resources you use.

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FinanceSheets For Sales

Increase Sales Performance, Predictability, and Sales Intelligence With Sales, Quota, Capacity, Territory, and Comp Planning

Our FinanceSheets For Sales product is built for the VP of Sales or the CEO who is wearing that hat for now. It is a SaaS Sales Plan with tools for quota, capacity, territory and comp planning. All with the ability to perform scenario analysis and forecasting. We will custom build a sales plan that will fit with your business model.


FinanceSheets For Finance

Our FinanceSheets For Finance product is everything you get in FinanceSheets for Sales plus custom reporting and cost center analysis & control features built for the Finance team, the CFO and the CEO. The Virtual CFO makes setting up your budget and schedules easy. So your Accountant can take on this role and save your thousands of dollars in outside consultants or an FP&A hire.
The staffing plan module is a single sheet built for scenario analysis and comes with pay raise and bonus/commissions accrual automated calculations. The expense budget module is also a single sheet built for scenario analysis and comes with a budget expense and prepaid calculator. Departmental budgets, custom P&Ls, and a pivot table database let’s you perform cost center analysis and control.

Top Features

Build your Funding Plan, Rate it, and Pitch it with the Right Metrics

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Scenario Analysis

The Scenario Analysis Dashboard is a CEOs best friend. Among many helpful features its Score-meter allows you to take your numbers and compare them against industry standards, the same standards that will be important for your next round of funding.
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Virtual CFO

The Virtual CFO Add-on gives you guidance every step of the way and automates manual repetitive tasks like creating department budget sheets.

Sensitivity Analysis

Perform sensitivity analysis on your sales plan, sales team hires, marketing ROI, employee benefits, recruiting costs, raises, and bonus payments in a single screen.

Team Integration

FinanceSheets is built in Google Sheets. That means you will get Google level of team integration. Simply comment your Director of Sales into a cell to remind him or her of the T&E allowance to stay on budget so that you and your team can hit your numbers.